CeloStarter — cSTAR for CELO

Celo Starter
3 min readJun 27, 2021


Decentralized fundraising platform focused on growing the Celo ecosystem

What’s CeloStarter?

In the last Celo Camp Batch 3, 22 finalists were selected to participate and pitch their projects to VCs. However, more than 260 projects applied to it.

We feel those projects need another place where they can try to get support.

CeloStarter is a decentralized fundraising community designed for the Celo ecosystem, where promising and innovative projects can propose, showcase and raise funds in a fast, secure, and efficient way while providing a safe place to investors.

We engage in different crypto activities such as early Seed investing & crypto trading mainly in Celo Network and Ethereum. We also discuss and debate blockchain & crypto technology advancements & news.

An automated launchpad is currently not planned, as this would require an extended budget. We will look into this probably in the future. The current model is manual / discord-based.

Celo EcoSystem is still too small to have a fair valuation. So this is no investment advice. The current launch is funded with community help.


The platform will have a subscription model where investors need to hold different levels of CeloStar Tokens, in order to participate in the coming seeds.

Jacks, Kings and Aces

Celostarter (cStar) Tokenomics

Current Tokenomics

Future Plans:

Future Plans


CeloStarter (cStar)
100.000.000 Tokens


Airdrop :

Airdrop Google Form Link

Please fill up the Google Form

Please do not send empty addresses. We need potential investors and not “Freebie” Riders. So the selection will be strict.


Token Listing Sunday. Evening (21.00 CET) 27. June on UBESWAP. Listing Price 0.005 Cent — Celo is still a new Blockchain EcoSystem. It will take time before investment opportunities will arise.

CeloStarter Community funded the complete LP.

Seeded Projects so far:

https://symmetric.finance/ (AKA Cent)


Website (next two weeks): CeloStarter.io